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Mature Skin Care from Afterglow Naturals

AfterGlow Naturals Mature Skin CareOur skin has different needs as we grow older. Skin loses its elasticity becoming thinner and dryer. We can combat it with moisture giving oils and reparative herbs.There is an abundance of nurturing, healing, and protecting ingredients in nature.

You can slow, or sometimes even reverse the signs of aging with a few simple changes to your skin care routine. These are the products we recommend.
Intensive Moisturerizer Facial Treatment
Facial Moisturizer
healing, nourishing and protecting
Calendula Eye Cream
Calendula Eye Cream
increase elasticity, smoothness, skin tone
Face Toner
Herbal Facial Toner
reduces wrinkles and inflamation
Gentle Facial Scub
Gentle Facial Scrub
leaves skin clean, wonderfully smooth
Steaming Herbs
Aloe Vera Shaving Gel
moisturizing, soothing for men and women
Herbal Body Butter
Herbal Body Butter
a moisturizing cold cream for face, body
Lavender Rosemary Soap
rich, sudsy, gentle, aromatic lather
Orange Foaming Hand Soap
Orange Foaming Soap
rich, sudsy, gentle, aromatic lather
Lip Balm Mint
Lip Balm Cool Mint
protects, heals and prevents chapped lips
LIp Balm Orange
Lip Balm Orange
protects, heals and prevents chapped lips
Anti-Scar Balm
Anti-Scar Balm
restore skin softness, elasticity
Hand and Foot Therapy Balm
Hand and Foot Therapy
excellent for healing damaged skin
All Natural Deodorant
mild on your skin yet very effective
Herbal Insect Spray
Herbal Insect Repellent
naturally repels irritating insects
Herbal Hair Shampoo
Herbal Infusion Shampoo
for soft, rejuvenated hair and healthy scalp
Herbal Hair Treatment and Conditioner
Herbal Infusion Conditioner
naturally rejuvenated hair and healthy scalp

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