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AfterGlow Naturals Healing and ProtectingThe products in this category all use exceptional herbs and oils to combat specific issues - scars, sore muscles, wrinkles, acne, eczema, bug bites, and chapped lips. We use only the best, potent and bio-available ingredients to offer you the best results.

You always have peace of mind using our products on your body and sharing them with your family and friends.
Anti-Scar Balm
Anti-Scar Balm
restore skin softness, elasticity
Sore Muscle Rub
Sore Muscle Rub
releave pain, increase circulation
Face Toner
Herbal Facial Toner
reduces wrinkles and inflamation
Herbal Skin Relief First Aid Spray
Herbal Skin Relief Spray
treat acne, eczema, insect bites, stings
Hand and Foot Therapy Balm
Hand and Foot Therapy
excellent for healing damaged skin
Massage Oil
Massage Oil
deeply relaxes muscles, tendons, ligaments
Lip Balm Mint
Lip Balm Cool Mint
protects, heals and prevents chapped lips
LIp Balm Orange
Lip Balm Orange
protects, heals and prevents chapped lips
Herbal Hair Shampoo
Herbal Infusion Shampoo
for soft, rejuvenated hair and healthy scalp
Herbal Hair Treatment and Conditioner
Herbal Conditioner
for soft, rejuvenated hair and healthy scalp
Aromatherapy Anti-Anxiety, Stress
Anxiety / Stress Ease
breathe in relaxation
Aromatherapy Anti-Depression
Depression Ease
grounding and comforting
Aromatherapy Colds Congestion
Colds & Congestion
clear congestion, ease breathing
Aromatherapy Headaches
For Headaches
rub on temples and sinuses
Aromatherapy Insomnia
For Insomnia
natural sleep support
Aromatherapy Hindi Love Potion
Hindi love Potion
a wonderful provocative scent!
Aromatherapy Meditation
Meditation Blend
prepare and go deeper

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