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Complete lIst of AfterGlow Naturals Skin Care Products
Our full line of products in alphabetical order. Click on a product name to learn more about it.

All substances you put on your skin are absorbed. Many of the mainstream products even from health food stores
may contain toxic and irritating ingredients. Not something you would want to put on your largest organ.

Your skin can also absorb healthy and beneficial ingredients. It’s time to heal, nourish, and protect your skin with nature's best.
Also see our categories for normal, oily, dry, and matrue skin for what we recommend for these different skin types.

Aloe Vera Shave Gel 12.00 Moisturiziing, soothing, a close shave for men and women.
All Natural Deodorant 8.00 Fresh and clean all day with powerful herbal protection.
Booneville Anti-Scar Balm 12.00 Heal, nourish and protect your skin.
Aromatherapy - Anxiety/Stress Ease 10.00 Focus on the comforting effect.
Aromatherapy - Depression Ease 10.00 Clear your mind for a grounding but uplifting effect.
Aromatherapy - Colds/Congestion 10.00 Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, helps open up bronchial tubes.
Aromatherapy - Headaches Blend 10.00 Calming, increases circulation and eases your mind.
Aromatherapy - Insomnia 10.00 A comforting, quieting, and calming effect.
Aromatherapy - Hindi Love Potion 10.00 A wonderful, provocative scent - for fun!
Aromatherapy - Meditation Blend 10.00 Helps you prepare and go deeper in meditation.
Calendula Eye Cream 22.00 Safely decrease puffiness, increase elasticity, smoothness, tone.
Eternal Body Bliss Body and Bath Oil - Jasmine 12.00 Lightly moisturize/delicately scent your skin with organic oils.
Eternal Body Bliss Body and Bath Oil - Lavender 12.00 Aids elasticity with calming effects of lavender.
Eternal Body Bliss Body and Bath Oil - Rose 12.00 High in vitamins A & E and essential oils.
Eternal Body Bliss Body and Bath Oil - Ylang 12.00 Tropical floral scent, slightly spicy muscle relaxant.
Gentle Facial Scrub 14.00 Gently exfoliates and cleanses while nourishing your skin.
Hand and Foot Therapy Balm 12.00 A rich formula, excellent for healing damaged, dry skin.
Herbal Facial Toner and Conditioner 14.00 Drench your skin with rich herbal extracts, proteins, vitamins.
Herbal Infusion Shampoo 12.00 Fresh herbal infusions for full-bodied and manageable hair.
Herbal Infusion Hair Treatment and Conditioner 9.00 For natually healthy hair and scalp, cleans away residue.
Herbal Insect Repellent 9.00 Enjoy the outdoors without insects, safe on your skin.
Herbal Skin Relief (First Aid Spray) 9.00 Antiviral, antibacterial qualities for minor cuts, burns, rashes.
Intensive Moisture Facial Treatment 20.00 Excellent for healing, protecting mature or damaged skin.
Lavender Spray Hydrosol 9.00 Use as a skin calming sprits, air freshener, or linen spray.
Lip Balm - Cool Mint 5.00 Protects, heals, prevents chapped lips naturally.
Lip Balm - Orange 5.00 Provides moisturizing barrier from the elements.
Mendocino Magic Massage Oil 14.00 Deeply relaxes muscles, tendons, ligaments.
Organic Liquid Foaming Hand Soap - Rosemary Lavender 9.00 Gentle, naturally antbacterial cleansing, comes out as a foam.
Organic Liquid Foaming Hand Soap - Orange 9.00 Same as above, both with fresh aromatic scent.
Sore Muscle Rub 14.00 Relieve pain, stiffness, swelling, increase circulation.
Ultra-Rich Herbal Body Butter 13.00 Super rich, total body moisturizer, safe as night-time cold cream.

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