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Body and Massage Oils from AfterGlow Naturals

AfterGlow Naturals Body and Masaage OlisApplying oils to the body is an ancient sacred ritual. Using oils revives the moisture content of our skin, also bringing vitamins and protection.  They are easily applied to skin and the benefits will last hours. Our organic body oils are delicately scented.

The message oil is therapeutic for sore muscles and body tension, and is replenishing for the skin. Calming, soothing, and relaxing - nourishing mind and body.

Body and Bath Oil Jasimne
Eternal Body Bliss - Jasmine
total body super rich moisturizer
Body Bliss Lavender
Body and Bath Oil Lavender
moisterize and lightly scent your skin
Body and Bath Oil Rose
Eternal Body Bliss - Rose
excellent for dry, sensitive skin
Body and Bath Oil
Eternal Body Bliss - Ylang
protects, softens and soothes your skin
Massage Oil
Massage Oil
deeply relaxes muscles, tendons, ligaments
Sore Muscle Rub
Sore Muscle Rub
releave pain, increase circulation
Aromatherapy Anti-Depression
Aromatherapy Anti-Depression
grounding and comforting
Aromatherapy Colds Congestion
Aromatherapy Congestion
clear congestion, ease breathing
Aromatherapy Headaches
Aromatherapy Headaches
rub on temples and sinuses
Aromatherapy Insomnia
Aromatherapy Insomnia
natural sleep support
Aromatherapy Hindi Love Potion
Aromatherapy Hindi Love
a wonderful provocative scent!
Aromatherapy Anti-Anxiety, Stress
Aromatherapy Anti-Stress
breathe in relaxation
Aromatherapy Meditation
Aromatherapy Meditation
prepare and go deeper

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