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aromatherapy with AfterGlow Naturals

aromatherapy from AfterGlow NaturalsAromatherapy supports the body's natural healing and enhances other healing practices. It invokes memory and emotions, works physically as a part of a holistic approach to healing.

Enjoy the beautiful scents and health benefits of aromatherapy oils. Easy to carry with you and simple to use. Each oil is skin safe and can be used as a perfume or personal scent.

Directions: Apply small amount to center of palm. Rub palms together, cup hands and breathe in scent deeply several times. Aromatherapy oils can also be applied safely to skin, apply to pulse points to use as a fragrance.

Aromatherapy Anti-Anxiety, Stress
Anxiety / Stress Ease
focus on the comforting effect
Aromatherapy Anti-Depression
Depression Ease
for a grounding but uplifting effect
Aromatherapy Colds Congestion
Colds & Congestion
anti-viral and anti-bacterial, ease breathing
Aromatherapy Headaches
For Headaches
rub on temples and sinuses
Aromatherapy Insomnia
For Insomnia
natural sleep support
Aromatherapy Hindi Love Potion
Hindi love Potion
a wonderful provocative scent!
Aromatherapy Meditation
Meditation Blend
prepare and go deeper

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